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Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book Better Homes and Gardens Plaid

Posted Aug 02 2010 12:54pm

Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book Better Homes and Gardens Plaid


1 Star Very poorly made
I was so pleased to receive my Better Homes cookbook as I grew up watching my mom cook with it and I used it myself. However, the book is already falling apart without being used at all. The Binding is no good and the grad of paper used is so thin that if you turn a leaf without the utmost care, it rips. I am very disappointed in this purchase.

4 Stars Different Editions are DIFFERENT
I have used my BHG, 3-ring binder, 11th edition cookbook more than nearly any other cookbook in my large (40+) cookbook collection; I’ve owned it for 12 years. My sister has the 10th, which she uses to death, and my mother has the 12th–which has been a big disappointment.

Strengths of the 11th (and apparently the 10th–also a binder set-up)

-Basic stuff (pancakes, bread, hanmburgers, pies, chili, etc. all here)

-Updated recipes (good selection of bean-based recipes, for instance)

-Color photos illustrating techniques and so forth

-Good index in back AND index for each chapter on the chapter divider

-Nutritional info

-Very family friendly fare with some more exotic stuff thrown in

-Reliable recipes

-Cooking techniques explained in a way that doesn’t “dumb down” recipes for experienced cooks, but which are also fully understandable by the novice

My advice: go to a bookstore and really look through the different editions out there and see which one has the recipes you are most likely to cook. The 12th edition seems to have more contemporary/trendy recipes in it featuring harder-to-find ingredients while the 11th seems to have a nice blend of fresh/frozen/canned ingredients (and ones you’ll find in any supermarket).

5 Stars Awesome cookbook that rocks!
I have had this book for several years now. All I can say is this is an awesome cookbook…. If I need something and don’t have anyone to ask, I go to this cook book…I can not believe all of the information it has in this book… I am going to buy some for gifts, for friends and my children. This is an awesome book to own and give away! I just wish that I had came across this book sooner…. I even have the better homes and garden gardening book! It is so awesome! Thanks Better Homes And Gardens!

3 Stars A Cookbook for Learning
I practically learned how to bake with this cookbook. I made some of my first brownies from scratch, batches of cookies, and other various desserts with this cookbook. Although it is a fine cookbook for learning basic recipes, I do not find it what I would wish to use for special occasions, and in general wouldn’t make any one of the recipes I have prepared with it a second time.

The various picture guides included in this book, however, are helpful when used as a guide or reference.

5 Stars My #1 cookbook
This is my fav cookbook. Actually this is the second one I’ve had. I used the first one so much it had stains everywhere (from my “learning” cooking days) and it started to fall apart. This makes a wonderful wedding shower gift in a basket with a few cake/pie pans or other baking necessities.

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