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Better Gym Bag Organization

Posted May 18 2009 11:24pm

As you probably remember, I was recently complaining about how much stuff I trek back and forth between the gym and home each morning. You guys had some great ideas for lightening my load, but it was still bugging me, and I knew there had to be an easier way!

I pretty need everything I take with me, but after a little thinking, I decided to organize my gym bag in a better way. I often “lose” things in my bag, so instead of getting frustrated and searching around for my phone (or planner or iPod or whatever), I decided to put all of my “essential” items in a small zippered bag that is much easier to find in my bottomless gym bag. This idea has actually worked out better than expected because now I can easily move the small bag to my regular work bag and back to my gym bag and not forget anything.

And the big news of my gym bag organization: I rented a locker at the gym! My HW membership was extended for another 3 months (sweeeet! :mrgreen: ), so I invested in a permanent locker.

This morning, I left my sneakers, shower flip flops, a couple of magazines, and half of my beauty products at the gym. It made my gym bag a millions times lighter on my morning commute! I also plan to purchase some product “doubles,” so I don’t have to truck my make-up bag back and forth. Right now, I have some favorite items that go back and forth between home and the gym, so having a double will make life a little easier.


After an excellent workout at the gym this morning (Bosu Challenge + Power Abs + 20 min. elliptical), I ate breakfast in the office at my desk. I opened my email to a zillion messages (yikes!), and I ended up wolfing down my breakfast in a matter of minutes (while freaking out about how much I had to do). I hate that when it happens! :-?

Breakfast was oats with ground flaxseed meal, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and Barney Butter, watermelon, and an iced coffee with soy milk from Starbucks.


Today’s lunch included carrot sticks, a Gnu Bar (love these!), sparkling water, and a homemade salad with arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, wheatberries, goat cheese, and walnuts. I love the combo of walnuts + goat cheese. It’s seriously delish! My orange-cranberry Gnu Bar was also pretty awesome. I need to do a full review for you guys soon. I’m a big fan of these Gnu Bars!

Afternoon snack (not pictured): Banana chips and walnuts.

Happy Little Flowers

I snapped a couple of photos of some pretty purple flowers in Harvard Sqaure this morning. They just made me happy (flowers seem to do that!), so I thought I’d share. :mrgreen:

Back to work I go! My Monday has been complete madness! I am so glad that I have an appointment for a facial tonight. It’s only Monday, but I need it! I hope your week has started off stress-free!

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