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Best way to lose weight fast

Posted Oct 14 2010 12:31am

Best way to lose weight fast

I’m often asked what the best way to lose weight fast is and while you might think that there is some mystery about how to lose weight fast there actually isn’t. While I can give you all sorts of complicated formulas for what you need to do to lose the weight you want to lose, I can also make it very simple: Eat what humans are supposed to eat.

The million dollar question, though, is what are humans supposed to eat?

Stop the insanity!

Somehow, people who live in so-called advanced societies have gotten far away from the foods that they should be eating. Almost everything that you put in your mouth can add weight to your hips, thighs (and other places you don’t want to think about).

The reason why this has happened is because the people who make your food have created foods that cater to your taste buds and not to your body. We are all stuck in this sugary-salty-fatty-taste-land where everything we eat makes our taste buds go gaga but our waistlines go  large.

What you want to notice about what I just wrote is this: “the people who make your food.” Because (if you are like most people) you make less and less of your own food; other people are making what you eat. Even if you do cook at home, the meal usually starts with something that comes in a package. This wouldn’t really be a problem except that the people who make your foods want you to eat more and that means making the food taste good.

These foods are full of fat, sugar and salt and these can contribute to your weight gain, but let’s look closer at the three reasons for weight gain.

Reasons why you gain weight

Here is why you are gaining weight when you eat the foods that other people make:

  • Fatty foods: many of the foods that you eat are high in fat. While you might recognize that foods such as oils and butter are fat, you might not realize that most of the fat you eat comes in the form of animal proteins and dairy foods.
  • Sugar into fat: sugar is easily turned into fat in your body, the worst offender is high fructose corn syrup and soda.
  • Lack of exercise: You know that you are probably not as active as you used to be and this can have a dramatic impact on your metabolism.

What you should eat to lose weight

Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but the best way to lose weight fast is to eat only fruits and vegetables. But let me warn you that anyone who is now eating the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) and tries to eat only fruits and vegetables is in for a world of hurt. The reason for this is that your digestive system is not ready for such a dramatic change and will need time to adjust to your new diet. While I don’t believe that you should only eat fruits and vegetables, they should surely be a large part of your diet (80-90 percent).

Here is how to make the transition:

  • Take away sugar and foods that act like sugar. I have a program that will help you: 30 Sugar Free Days Program . Doing this program alone can help you lose a ton of weight.
  • Start to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables you eat every day. Make sure every meal has at least two vegetables or fruits. Focus on the green leafy vegetables such as kale, salad greens, arugula, Bok Choy, endive, collard greens, spinach, mustard greens, lettuce (all types) and whatever you like.
  • Remove dairy from your diet. This step alone drops a huge percentage of fat out of your diet. Worried about getting enough calcium? Check out my post on Calcium Myths .
  • Eat meat or eggs only on the weekends. This will substantially reduce the amount of protein and fat in your diet (therefore reducing calories).
  • Snack on fruits and vegetables.

The best way to lose weight fast is to eat the way humans are meant to eat: a diet high in fruits and vegetables. The biggest bonus to this way of eating is that you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight.

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