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Best diet: 5 Bite Diet?

Posted Mar 12 2010 9:00am


5 Bite Diet the best diet? If you believe that I have property in Spain and one in Miami to sell you at 2007 prices!

The 5 Bite Diet is causing a stir because it’s all about eating only 5 bites of food to keep the weight off.

Well, it’s obvious that 5 bites of food will allow an elephant to look like a zebra in no time.

>>> Here’s the premise of the 5 Bite Diet if you’ve not yet heard of the latest fast weight loss diet:

* The 5 Bite Diet is the brainchild of Dr. Alwin Lewis. In his book “ Why Weight Around? Changing The Weight Loss Strategy ”, he says that the obesity crisis affecting America can be solved if people only kept their meals to no more than 5 bites – hence the 5 Bite Diet.

> Dr. Alwin Lewis also recommends the following for his 5 Bite Diet plan (see my irate comments in bracket):

1) Drink as much of anything as you want as long as it doesn’t contain calories (I guess that would be water??).

2) Take 5 bites of any food at lunch (Good Lord this is insane).

3) Take 5 bites of anything at dinner (How are you supposed to make it until dinner with only 5 bites of food).

4) Take one multi-vitamin every day (How is that part of a diet, it’s part of a healthy balanced lifestyle and not a stupid rapid weight loss diet).

5) Get a bit of protein a day “on average” (you don’t need a bit of protein to lose weight and maintain muscle, you NEED protein with every meal … even a vegetarian protein like nuts).

Dr. Lewis also says that after three days on this diet you will no longer be hungry: “that then resets what you body sees as full” (yup and a juice fast will do the same, but at least you get all of your nutrients). Once you have reached your weight you can go back to “eating normally” (NO YOU CANNOT eat normally because people still don’t know how to eat healthy meals because for 30 days they’ve been on your ridiculous diet plan).

I mean seriously, who the hell can survive on so little food. I mean your bloody organs will shut down if you survive on the 5 Bite Diet. I’m so mad right now (I’m seeing red) at this type of ridiculousness and it bothers me to no end that this guy is a doctor. So many people will think he knows better … well he does NOT (in my opinion).

May I be honest with you about what I think about Dr. Alwin Lewis’ 5 Bite Diet? I think it’s completely ridiculous. He’s going to sell millions of books to unsuspecting fools who will screw up their entire bodies and the long-term negative effects of such a restrictive diet can be serious.

My God, there are young girls and teenagers who may actually think that this 5 Bite Diet is their solution to fitting into size zero jeans.

You want to lose weight for good? You need to do the following steps that have been repeated millions of times (because they work):

1. Give up junk food

2. Start making fitness a priority

3. Stop with your whining and excuses

4. Make a commitment to yourself

5. Eat real food packed with nutrition

6. Ditch foods high in salt, sugar and fat

7. Give up the stupid diets.

Dr. Alwin Lewis, that is how people NEED to lose weight and not adhere to the 5 Bite Diet plan!

The 5 Bite Diet is honestly a crime because your body is not designed for such severe restrictive diets.

Please let know I’m not the only who is outraged by the 5 Bite Diet and leave me your comment below. I’d love to hear from you on the latest crazy fast weight loss diet.

Will you lose weight on the 5 Bite Diet? Yes you will because you will have cut your calories by a zillion, but will you be able to survive for 12 months on the 5 Bite Diet? Open your eyes and don’t kid yourself … NO ONE CAN SURVIVE on the 5 Bite Diet (it’s unhealthy)!

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