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Berry Good! Preventing Cancer with Berries

Posted by Nirmala N.

According to researchers from Rutgers University, New Jersey, blueberries could prevent the development of colon cancer. A natural compound, pterostilbene, which can be found in blueberries and other fruits, helped to prevent pre-cancerous colonic lesions in a study group of rats. Colon cancer has a rapidly increasing rate in most western countries. In addition to blueberries, the health benefits of berries in general are numerous. Researchers at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, discovered that grapeseed extract can prevent sunlight-induced skin cancer when it's used as a vitamin supplement, while Ohio State University Researchers found that black raspberries led to an 80 percent reduction in colon tumors and a 60 percent reduction in esophageal tumors among a study population of mice. Of course, it's important not to depend on any one food as a preventive measure against cancer, and recommendations for prevention should include all facets of diet and lifestyle, say researchers.
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