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Benefits of Eating Eggs

Posted by Swati S.

Ok - we have all been told that eggs are bad because they are high in cholesterol, but according to the American Heart Association, you can eat one egg a day if you have an otherwise low-fat diet. Here's why eating an egg is good for you. 1. Eggs contain the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for your eyes. 2. These nutrients also help against cataract. 3. Eggs are a good source of proteins and contain all the nine essential amino acids. 4. Eggs are also thought to prevent breast cancer in women. 5. Eggs are high in sulphur and other nutrients, making them good for your skin and hair. 6. However, this does not mean that you binge on cakes and cookies - they may contain eggs, but they are also high on calories. A good way to eat eggs is to have them boiled so that they are low in calories, and with all the benefits!
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Eggs are also a good source of protein, the dietary element that has been shown to have more appetite-sating potential than either carbohydrate or fat. This is important for weight loss, as it helps keep people from craving sugar and foods that put on the pounds. Eggs are also relatively rich in vitamin B12, which is also potentially useful to vegetarians whose options for getting enough of this important nutrient are limited. eggs have been known to be effective preventer of heart disease and stroke. They have loads of great fats, and are a tasty start to any day. MMMM...I love eggs! they are so versatile.
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