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Benefits of Eating Chocolates

Posted by Swati S.

What? Eat chocolates and gain all that weight? And spoil my teeth? If you are one of those people who say a ?No Thank You? to chocolates even though you would love to sink your teeth into one of those delicious delights, maybe you should do a rethink. More and more studies are showing that taken properly, chocolates might actually be good for you. Here are some little known facts you should keep in mind when having a chocolate craving: 1. Chocolates are a good source of antioxidants, which help against cancer, heart disease, and ageing. A study by the American Chemical Society found that chocolates contain a higher level of antioxidants as compared to more popular stuff like green tea. 2. Go for bitter chocolates over sweet ones, as they contain fewer calories and more antioxidants. 3. Do not have chocolates with fillings, like caramel, because it just piles on the calories. 4. Surprisingly, chocolate is packed with potassium and magnesium, along with vitamins D, E, B1 and B2. Chocolates may not be the healthiest food around, but I feel it has enough good points to allow us to eat them once in a while without going on a guilt trip!
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It's great to hear that chocolate had antioxidants and can be good, but like anything, it just needs to be eaten in moderation. You can also add another thing to your list: it's a comfort food and gives you a little perk up after a hard day.
This is a good example of something we knew before the scientists told us. There is a good reason chocolate tastes sooooo good. It is designed that way so that we will eat it! Be careful of eating too much milk chocolate, but once in a while it's fine to give in to that craving! I find that a nice piece of chocolate satisfies my sweet tooth!
A recent study be Tulane University researchers found that theobromine which is extracted from cocoa beans hardens tooth enamel better than fluoride. In less than two years we'll see toothpaste with theobromine for sale.
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