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Benefits of Eating Cheese

Posted by Swati S.

Hey - don't move that cheese - not just yet! Cheese is another of those foods that were high on the to-avoid list till some time back. Reason - because ten pounds of milk make one pound of whole milk cheese - so it's high on the calorie factor. But new research shows that diary products, including cheese, help in weight reduction as they burn abdominal fat. They also help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Here are some other reasons why you should not move that cheese. 1. Cheese is a good source of calcium. This is especially true for adults, who tend to have a diet that is low on calcium, leading to a higher chance of osteoporosis. 2. Cheese is also a good source of proteins, which contain amino acids that help with repair of body tissues. 3. Certain cheese like Swiss, Gouda, or aged Cheddar is believed to prevent tooth decay and help against cavities. 4. To avoid the high calories, you can go in for low-fat cheese. 5. Parmesan and feta cheese is good, but avoid too much of cheddar.
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