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Being a Lazy Baker

Posted Sep 17 2009 10:10pm


Today has been a whirlwind for about a million reasons. However, I did get to calm down a little bit and sit behind the desk of my peaceful yoga studio for three hours and that was lovely. Just being in the studio relaxes me, even if I’m not practicing. Today I also wrote an article on themyth of carbo loadingand then proceeded to bake cookies. Hahaha! It worked though because the wonderful people at The Lazy Baker sent me one of their cookie mixes to sample. Yay!


I was SO excited! All you need is a stick of butter, an egg and a splash of vanilla. I was all set to go!


I liked this mix a lot because unlike other baking mixes (which I despise…I’m sort of old fashioned), the ingredients in this mix were easy to pronounce and wholesome. Plus, I like adding my own wet ingredients. Dried out milk and egg just gross me out, I don’t know about you.

I did the batter taste-test:


Yep, it passed the test. Only 12 minutes later these popped out of the oven!


They looked delicious but I decided to wait and sample one for dessert (I had eaten enough dough to know they rocked. Trust me).

For a snack I had instead some yogurt + Udi’s


Plus a little less than half a POM tea:


When I got home from work a box was waiting for me…..what could it be??!


gahhhhhh!!! I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tim! Tim runs the site and obviously rocks. Yay!

Dinner was re-heated tofu + orzo and cucumber slices—-


And then finally, I ate two AMAZING cookies :)


I practiced my self restraint….I could have totally eaten the entire batch. They were so soft and delicious!


Epsom salt + bubble bath to soak my shins then 9 miles in the morning!!! Please pray for me…I’m really nervous because my left shin has been giving me hell lately and I’ve never ran this far in my life. Sort of scared.


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