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Behind The Food Part 2: Supplementing Nutrition

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm

Behind the Food
Part 2

Supplementing Good Nutrition 

How many of you are into vitamins and supplements? Personally, my philosophy is that 80% of our nutrients should come from food. Because a healthy diet means lots of good, nutrient dense foods- so most of your vitamins and minerals should be coming from food. 

But, none of us are 100% perfect with our diets- we’re all human! So I believe in  supplementing good nutrition in a variety of ways to support health and lean body mass for optimal nutrition. 

In the world of supplements, I am fascinated. I love learning about new and healthy additions to my diet that can only further improve my nutrition! But I don’t like being a pill popper. In most cases I like to look for the most natural sources of nutrients- fish and flax for essential fatty acids, cranberry to combat those UTIs, calcium from natural sources. Not all supplements are created equal of course, and I look for combinations of supplements for an optimal mix of what I think is right for my own diet.

Here is what I’m taking every day:

2009_0521AIOne-a-day Women’s Active Metabolism



  • Vitamin A- supports healthy skin and eyes
  • Iron- important, because I don’t eat much red meat and although I eat green veggies, they don’t have that much iron!
  • B-vitamins- Thiamin (B1) helps the body convert blood sugar to energy. Riboflavin (B2) and Niacin (B3) are important in the metabolism of carbs, protein and fats, Vitamin B6, or pyradoxine, helps the body convert protein to energy. Vitamin B12 works with Folic Acid for red blood cell health. 
  • Folic acid – a supplement EVERY woman of childbearing age should be taking. Even if you’re not planning on having children like me, it is still an important nutrient. 
  • Vitamin C- important for immune system healthm
  • Vitamin D- helps the body absorb calicum
  • Vitamin E- important for immune and heart healthy
  • Vitamin K- promotes blood clotting and kidney health


Vitamins A, C, and E are also antioxidants.
Vitamins A,D,E and K are fat soluble vitamins, which is why I take this suppplement with food.  

In addition to vitamins, O-A-D Women’s Active Metabolism also contains many minerals and caffeine, proven to promote metabolism (to some degree). 


Viactic Calcium Chews

2009_0521AOThere is some calcium in the One a Day, but not nearly 100% of my DV. Calcium is extremely important for bone health, and since I do not drink milk and do not consume a lot of dairy I feel a supplement is important.



  • Bone health- Women are more predisposed to osteoporosis than men, and I have a history in my family. I want to keep my bones as strong as possible for as long as possible!
  • Heart health- calcium helps the heart muscles relax and lowers blood pressure
  • Healthy teeth


2009_0522ABConjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA

CLA is an isomer of linoleic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid. It is naturally found in meat and dairy, neither of which I eat much of!


  •   Reduces risk of Cardiovascular disease
  • fights inflammation
  • has cancer-fighting properties
  • promotes fat loss and increase of lean body mass (muscle growth)

I also try to get flax seed in my diet as much as I can. I like ground flax seed, because it is easier for your body to break down. 



  • Omega-3 fatty acid- omega 3’s are essential fatty acids that are important for heart healthy
  • antioxidants from lignans
  •  fiber

That’s all I’m taking for now!


What kind of vitamins and supplements do you take?  Do you have any particular qualms or beliefs in certain vitamins, minerals and supplements? What do you want to try?

I really want to try liquid garlic for it’s heart benefits, chia seeds and amazing grass because it has SO many awesome components!


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