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Before and Current Pictures

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
I wanted to post a picture of myself before I started low carbing in January of 2007, but up till now, haven't been able to, since we don't have a scanner. There were several of those types of pictures from Christmas of 2006 on my brother-in-law's computer, and I'd been asking him for awhile to email them to me, but he kept saying that he didn't know how.

Well one day he got mad at his computer and took it out on his computer screen. Needless to say he not only broke the screen, but damaged it enough that it will no longer boot up. He had to buy a new computer, since he uses it for work, but that means all of those before pictures are no longer available. At least, until he finds someone who can dump his hard drive for him.

I think I've already mentioned that my husband ran into a before picture among his things that we weren't expecting to find, and that he placed it on top of my computer screen a while ago, so that everytime I got disheartened in my current weight loss efforts I could see just how far I've come over the past 2 years.

Plus I also ran into a before picture on my computer awhile back that was very close to the weight I was before the day I started Atkins. But not quite. I think I was about 10 pounds lighter then, but didn't want to post it until I had a current picture to go with it.

Well, when we were in Michigan recently, my brother-in-law took a picture of what I currently look like, so that he could email it to me, (I guess he's learned how now), then my husband's niece printed it out on a Cannon picture printer, (I don't remember what they actually call those), so I could have a hard copy of what I currently look like to go with my before picture, as well.

So now I have a before picture and a current picture sitting on top of my computer.

On the way home from Michigan, my husband was soooooo impressed with the quality of the pictures his niece gave us that he decided he really, really NEEDED to buy a digital camera for himself.

Awhile back, when we were trying to make it through the winter, and thinking we were going to have to go solo if the contractor he was currently working for wasn't able to catch any bids soon, someone asked my husband if he had any pictures of his work. Up to that point, we really hadn't seen a justifiable need to buy a digital camera. Not really. Though he's looked at them at Walmart from time to time. And I've wanted one for awhile now, so I could put up some real food pictures on my blogs. As well as other stuff.

So we stopped into a Walmart on our way home, just for the heck of it, to see what they might cost in another state. Not really expecting to buy one. But we ran into a deal that we couldn't pass up. A 10.2 pixel for less than $90. My husband's brother and sister-in-law had told us that an 8 pixel was good enough for our needs, but that if we found a 10 for say $20 or so more than an 8, that we should grab it itstead, because they usually cost a heck of a lot more than that.

Well, we found a 10.2 for the same price as an 8, so we took their advice and bought it.

The consequence of that impulse buy is that I won't be able to return to low carb dieting just yet, I'll have to stay on maintenance for a couple more weeks, but at least I now have some honest-to-goodness before and current pictures of myself that I can post for you all.

This first one was somewhere around 250 lbs or so. Not my heaviest, as I was 257 1/2 when I started Atkins, but it's close enough to be able to SEE the difference that low carb has made in my life.

And here is what I look like today, at 180lbs.

When I moved to maintenance awhile back, I weighed around 172, so I've put on about 8 lbs, or so. Most of which is glycogen and water I know. Plus I'm still pretty bloated in the tummy from having to eat at restaurants all the way home from Michigan. Boye was it ever hard trying to stay both gluten and casein free! I failed at that miserably.

So I came home bound and determined to return to Atkins, and clean myself out of all of the gluten/casein/carb garbage I'd had to eat the past week -- but that hasn't worked so well for me. With no gall bladder now, and my problem with absorbing/digesting fats still intact, I've spent a great deal of my time not feeling well, or running for the bathroom. Plus I put on about 5 lbs real quick like. So I had to move back to maintenance in order to get that to stop, and reverse itself.


Now...I'm not saying that low carb is not the way to go, it is. It's quite frankly the healthiest way to eat. What I'm saying is that for me, I'm going to have to continue to adapt it to my own body. I'm going to have to return to my own, personal, lower-fat way of doing it. At least for right now. Cuz not only is gluten-intolerance an auto-immune issue, but it's also a malabsorption issue. Which means what I've suspected all along, ever since the Kimkins fiasco, is right on target.

I don't digest fats properly.
I don't digest dairy products properly.

And until that changes, (IF it ever does), I'm going to have to do low-carb "my way."
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