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Before and After Revised Edition Living and Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted Sep 15 2010 11:41pm

Before and After Revised Edition Living and Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery

At 278 pounds, Susan Maria Leach couldn’t lie in bed without gasping for air, wasn’t able to fit into a restaurant booth, and could barely buckle the belt in an airplane seat. It would have been easier to allow life to pass her by than to continue fighting her weight problem, but she made the difficult decision to take back control. In 2001, Susan underwent gastric bypass surgery and started on a journey that would not only cut her body weight in half but would change her life.

Before & After is both a memoir and a cookbook—an intimate account of Leach’s own transformation as well as a guide for those who have undergone or are considering the procedure. As Leach has learned in the six years since her operation, weight-loss surgery is not an event with a finish line or a goal weight—it is the beginning of a new way of life.

This edition of Before & After has been updated with all that Leach has learned on her post-op journey. It includes a foreword by Leach’s surgeon, advice from a nutritionist, answers to more frequently asked questions about weight-loss surgery, a whole chapter on meal plans for different post-operative stages, suggested menus for early food stages, additional questions and answers affecting longer-term post-ops, and new information about products that have entered the marketplace.

Most notably, this edition showcases a wealth of new recipes that utilize the latest in light and healthy ingredients for smart and savory results, including everything from Asian Meatballs with Peanut Sauce and Turkey Tenderloin with Apple Chipotle Chutney to sugar-free Pistachio Gelato and Lemon Almond Sponge Cake. Each recipe makes about four servings, but includes a measured serving for WLS people along with a calorie/carb/fat/protein count. Leach has recipes for every step of the way, from tastes-like-the-real-thing milk shakes for those first post-op days to an entire Thanksgiving menu.

Before & After is a journal of Leach’s own inspirational story, where she shares her ups and downs, her tips and techniques, but mostly it’s a book of hope for anyone who has a serious weight problem.

5 Stars great inspiration
This book is both a great inspiraiton and a good source of recipes and other info for the bariatric patient. The first part is her story of the surgey and how she managed as she lost weight. The next part contains a lot of good info on food basics. FFollowing that are the recipes. She gives excellant direcitons on the portions for bariatric patients. It was recommended to me by a friend who had the surgery last year. I found it very helpful as I prepare for my own surgery.

1 Star Disappointed
I will admit that I didn’t read most of the book but don’t feel like I missed a lot after reading some of the comments here. I bought the book because I was looking for realistic recipes for meals post surgery. I got the book home and started looking at it and realized that it was so far from realistic it wasn’t even funny. As someone else mentioned the recipes were more “gourmet” and extensive. Also the amounts of food that you were going to prepare were ridiculous. One recipe called for 8 chicken breasts, another for a pound and a half of shrimp. I’ve just had gastric bypass surgery and live alone. There is no way I will ever be able to consume a meal made with 8 chicken breasts by myself. Not to mention that when I really looked few of the recipes sounded all that appealing.

5 Stars Great Book For Foodies.
I have read the reviews and have seen some people trash this book as unrealistic. And that may be true for some. But I am a Foodie from way back. I learned to cook (and cook well) before I was 18. I like to cook. I love to eat. And there as I was, wondering what I was going to do with my life, giving up a major part of who I was.

I was just barely 100 lbs. overweight, but the sudden onset of Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and a host of other symptoms led me to surgery as the best option.

This book led to my decision to go ahead and proceed with the surgery. My wife and I read it together before surgery. It helped both of us. No doubt, she tries to sell products from her website. But her stories gave me hope that I would still be able to enjoy eating after surgery. Some of her recipes kept me from completely losing my mind during the pureed food stage.

I am about a month post-op and I am about to read the book again. I was happy with it the first time, and I expect to get more information and encouragement from it the second time through.

No, it isn’t a science textbook. If you want cold hard facts, there are other books. And a ton of information online.

This book offers the personal story of one lady’s experience told as if she were talking with a friend. It’s an approach that I enjoyed. I won’t be jet -setting around like her, buy our eating and life habits were similar enough. She enjoys good food strategically. This is not a bad approach.

Thanks. I’m glad I bought it.

3 Stars RNY Gastric Surgery
This was a great read for a first hand account of someone who went through RNY Gastric Surgery. Not only was it about her trials and tribulations. But answered a lot of questions and gave info on everything you might ask.

5 Stars Loved it!
Funny, informative and great if you are considering weight loss surgery or just got it. Its her journey to how she got where she was and what made her decide to get it. It also has some useful recipes and great advice and tips after the surgery.

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