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Beef Chuck Flat Iron Steak, Change and 5K update

Posted Oct 06 2009 6:31pm
Eating good grass fed beef doesn't have to break the bank. If your on a budget there are really good overlooked cheaper cuts you can get. Familiarise yourself with them and ask your butcher. They usually don't put them in the display case, but they often have them in the back.
Beef Chuck Flat Iron Steak, is one of those cheaper cuts. Much like flank steak or skirt steak with a little less marble, but more tender. Takes to marinades real well like the other 2.
Cut up some onion and garlic. Then lightly slice a little cross grid pattern on both sides of the steak. This will "hold" your marinade better. Couple of dashes of garlic powder and chili powder.
Next take a small container and mix some toasted sesame oil, tamari sauce, juice of half a lemon and a tblspoon of maple syrup. (you can leave the maple syrup out, but it will create a really nice crust when you grill it)
Mix it all together and refrigerate over night.

Will post pictures of the end result. Since I was shopping for cheaper cuts. I also bought some grass fed OXTAIL. I will share an amazing easy and delicious recipe with you tomorrow.

CHANGE; I've said it before, life is change. The only constant is change.....yet when things change, why do we dig our heels in so hard. Instead, try and let go, and flow with what's happening. They say to roll with the punches, I like to say "expect the punches" they are part of life and you'll be less surprised when they come at you and you will be able to adapt to the situation much easier. So..........just found out that due to a scheduling change with my kids, I can't run my much anticipated 5K tomorrow. I could stomp my feat like a little kid that's not getting his ice cream, but that doesn't really help now does it? ;-) I quickly found out there is a 5k coming up Dec. 12th. So that will be my day. Change, accept, adapt and move on ;-)

Jeff Erno just lost a cousin unexpectedly at age 42. Puts things in perspective doesn't it?

Wishing you strength and courage Jeff, through these difficult times.

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