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Beating the heat with “Dragonfly Summer” Strawberry Lemonade…….. (made with a choice of 2 healthy/tasty

Posted Jul 03 2013 12:00am

Dragonfly Summer? Just a song by Michael Franks [below] about clillin’ in that July heat

That "Dragonfly Summer" name came to my mind after I wrote one of my favorite articles on Friday
“Dolce far Niente” (Italian for Sweetness of Doing Nothing) . On that Friday, here in Portland Oregon, it was a mere 83 degrees, but the weekend upped the ante to 98 degrees.

So, I had to push that “Dolce far Niente”, "Sweetness if Doing Nothing" groove through the whole weekend, there was no choice but to do nothing….too hot.

……and what better way than a healthy and mandatorily (if that’s a word) delicious drink such as Strawberry Lemonade?

Strawberry lemonade

Quart of water

Zest from 2 organic lemons

about 10-14 oz fresh organic strawberries

juice from about 4 -8 lemons (depending on how tart you like it)

Sweeteners: I either use an organic raw wild honey ( list of fake honeys here ), or a sweetener called Ultimate Sweetener Birch Tree Xylitol . Made from Birch Trees, I really like this sweetener, and although I go back and forth on Xylitols, I am comfortable with this sweetener for occasional use. I really love it because its look, feel, and taste is so close to sugar without all the sugar issues, and no aftertaste like Stevia. On the other hand, I avoid all other Xylitols since most are GMO corn based.

There are very few sweeteners I use and am comfortable with, my list of sweeteners to avoid is here , if you blow this ingredient, the whole purpose of healthy eating is defeated

Let water, Birch Tree Xylitol Sweetener and lemon zest come to a boil in a saucepan. Stir until Birch Tree Xylitol Sweetener has melted. Let cool. If using honey, I prefer not to heat the honey in that it destroys the natural enzymes and nutrients in the honey.

I prefer to blend in the honey in a blender after the water has cooled and when all ingredients are mixed together. Can't give you an amount of honey to use, all honeys are different as well as our taste buds.  Perhaps start with a tablespoon, test taste, and add more to. That's where the blender comes in handy.

Nonetheless, strain the boiled mixture from a saucepan into a bowl (Since water may be lost in boiling, you may have to add water later on to get desired taste).

Hull strawberries and place them in a blender/food processor. Add lemon juice and mix until smooth. Strain strawberry mixture and pour into bowl with fluid from the saucepan. Let chill (if you can),

If using honey, this is the point where the entire brew goes in the blender, and I gradually add my high quality honey. Taste test, add more honey, blend, taste test, repeat……………

Pour into pitcher with lots and lots of ice, add mint leaves if desired. I find it a cool twist to add frozen lemon slices to the pitcher.

It's hard with drink recipes, since I never measure ingredients. I find with homemade drinks, you have to “play around” with the amount of water, sweetener, and even fruit to get your desired taste.


Getting back to this whole "Dolce far Niente" thing that I'm all into, let me help you experience "The Sweetness of Doing Nothing", together with the natural sweetness of this Strawberry Lemonade.

Play the Michael Franks "Dragonfly Summer" cut, have a sip of this icy cold Strawberry Lemonade, close you eyes, lean back, relax, be in the moment for a moment……there you go, you got it :)

~stay healthy (and stay cool)~



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