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Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit?

Posted by Julie M.

Writer's Answer
Okay, so they’re not fruit. That’s just part of a ditty my husband taught me that ends in “toot.” But tooting aside, beans are a super food, any kind, but as with many fruits and veggies, dark beans are the best. All beans have protein, fiber, and folate as well antioxidants. And the darkest beans, such as black and kidney, have the most. Start there and then add lighter beans—garbanzos, navy, and cannelloni—any beans you can think of. Summer may not be the time to cook up a big pot of bean soup or chili, but you can add beans to any salad, and I like them in my quesadillas, along with spinach (also dark and healthful), chicken, salsa, and cheese. Wrapped up in a whole-wheat tortilla, these are one of my favorite dishes, with guacamole on the side, of course.

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