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Bea @ 5 months

Posted Nov 23 2012 10:06pm
November 23, 2012


Today is Bea’s 5th month.

- she still cannot roll from back to front all by herself but can raise head and chest while on tummy for a longer period

- she loves to smile

- she loves to suck her hands

- she makes a lot of cooing sounds

- she has improved visions

- she sleeps through the night – 6 hrs inimum


I am glad that I am able to breastfeed her exclusively. I was able to breastfeed her exclusively for the past 4 months. She is still able to drink breastmilk even at times when I am not around because I pump to express breastmilk. But, these past few weeks, I had a feeling that my milk supply is getting low because I do not feel breast engorgement anymore. I cannot pump breastmilk as much as I did in the past months. I don’t have stash of milk in the refrigerator for her consumption when I am away. Thus, I have to give formula whenever I am away.  I feel bad about it because I want to continue exclusively breastfeeding her as much as I can.  I am currently reading blogs and websites on how to increase my milk supply. Here are some of the tips I got:

-         direct feed her more frequently to boost my milk supply

-         spend at least 20 minutes feeding in each breast

-         pump in between feedings

-         take galactogogues or lactogenic foods

-         be stress-free

According to them, the low quantity of pumped breastmilk is not a basis for having a low milk supply. As long as the baby is okay and not sickly, the baby is absolutely fine.

I am guilty about it because I think Bea is satisfied with my milk because she sleeps well even though I thought that my milk is not enough for her because she only nurses about 5 minutes and fell asleep easily. I am worried that she might be starving even when asleep. Haaay. I used to spend more time nursing her when I am still on maternity leave.  I think I should do that again.  I will follow their tips to help me boost my milk supply so that I could continue breastfeeding Bea exclusively.  If others can do it, why can’t I. I just need to believe in my milk supply. I will nurse her longer.  I will set aside my work for the meantime whenever I need to nurse her.  Hope these will all work.


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