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Be a Positive Change Through Technology

Posted Aug 23 2013 8:45am

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BodyMetrix Body Ultrasound Composition

BodyMetrix Body Ultrasound Composition

I am by no means a tech genius, but I know enough about technology to get around the internet well enough and actually enjoy technology. The more I learn about techy things, the more amazed I get. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and the ability for people to use it has improved tremendously. In fact, my 2-year old nephew is figuring out on his own how to use the computer and smart phone…..crazy, right?!

DynaVision Reaction Trainer

DynaVision Reaction Trainer

I am always excited to try new technology related to fitness, but there is so much more to technology than fitness gadgets (although they are super fun!):

  • Connection. The biggie for me. Networking with colleagues. Sharing recipes with people across the globe. Connecting with out-of-town relatives and sharing photos of our growing families. These are all some of the ways that technology fosters connections.
  • Advances in medical technology. I LOVE science and this one always fascinates me: from growing new ears to creating robotic limbs to organ transplants, the advances in medical technology are astounding. It is truly amazing what people can accomplish when they work with purpose and intent.
  • Access to knowledge and resources. Just yesterday, I was considering raising ducks so I did a little research and found a blog where the writer did an great job of listing the pros and cons of raising ducks,specifics on how to raise them, etc. I found fantastic information (and decided not to raise ducks) in less than 5 minutes. 
  • Become an influencer for good: Want to see a change in our world? Make a difference using social media and technology! Technology allows us to amplify our voice so whatever your life’s work is, you can expand your reach through technology and social media.
Recovery Pump compression and cooling recovery system

Recovery Pump compression and cooling recovery system

Here are some of my personal favorites in technology:

  • My iPhone: Yes, I love my iPhone! From the user-friendliness to the apps and the operating system, I have been constantly impressed with my phone. In fact, a large part of my social media presence is done through my phone
  • BodyMetrix ultrasound body-fat measuring system: I can’t say enough how much I want one of these systems for my facility! Measuring body-fat with ultrasound is non-invasive and doesn’t it won’t embarrass your clients when you can’t get a good skinfold pinch as sometimes happens with calipers.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: I love my PEAR when I want coached workouts (this system is awesome!), and my Polar heart rate monitor for everything else. I use my Polar watch for everyday, too, it’s very comfy and it looks nice enough that I don’t look like a complete fashion misfit.
  • Social Media: Yes, social media can be a double edged sword and can definitely aggravate some relationships, but I do love social media so I can connect with family and friends. In fact, I love meeting new people who share my interests and challenges so we can encourage each other! My favorite is Instagram – it is always awesome to see a slice of life from across the world.   
Fitness Coaching in Your Pocket: PEAR Sports Review -

Beyond the access to quick information and being able to amp up your workouts, I believe that the greatest asset of technology is our ability to use it to change and influence our society for the better. Yes, there are many negative influences on the internet and social media, but shrinking away from technology and avoiding social media will only make that worse. We have to become the change we want to see. It is up to us to take hold of the amazing tool that is technology and use it to forge a better place for our kids….touch lives…help people see that they have value as individuals…build up instead of tearing down…share good news and hope. One of my commitments in blogging and social media has always been to bring encouragement and help to people in need. So tell me…

How will you use technology for positive change today? What are your favorite things about technology?
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