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Be a locavore!

Posted by Linda R.

You've heard of herbivores (creatures who eat plants) and carnivores (creatures who eat other animals). You may even have heard of omnivores (creatures who eat everything). So what is this new creature, the locavore? This is someone who chooses to eat foods that are grown within a certain radius (say, 100 miles) of his or her own location. Hmmm, is this some kind of freaky fad? Why would you do this? One reason: to help the earth. Did you know that the average distance food in America travels to reach its consumer is over 1,500 miles? This means using packaging, refrigerating, and gasoline. Think of all the trees and petroleum we can save by eating locally! Second reason: to help your local economy. Did you know that millions of family farms have gone out of business in the last few decades? And guess who has taken over that land? Agribusiness! Your food dollars are being funneled to major corporations. Why not support your local farmers instead? How to be a locavore: Eat foods that are in season -- don't expect fresh blueberries in January but let them be a special treat at the right time of the year. Go to local farmers' markets, buying your fresh foods there and consider preserving or freezing some. Visit for more ideas and inspiration. Plant an apple tree in your back yard and grow your own!
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