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Basic Why's and How's of Eating Less Sugar.

Posted by Swati S.

One good reason to eat less sugar is that your body doesn't need it. But it's not easy to give it up altogether because, well, your body may not need it, but it still wants it. Sugar is also present in a large number of processed foods. So how can you eat less sugar? Try to see if you put some of the tips below in use. 1. Start off by thinking that even though it's not easy to stop eating sugar, it is easy to control how much you eat. Try to cut down as much as possible on direct sugar. And avoid processed foods high in sugar. For example, avoid cold drinks. 2. If you have a sweet tooth, try biting first into a juicy peach or strawberry. Fruits can be pretty satisfying, And if you still have a sugar craving, then go for a smaller portion of whatever dessert you were planning to have. 3. Avoid sweet snacks like cookies and cakes. 4. When shopping for cereals, opt for ones that are not sweet. 5. Finally, while shopping, spend a little extra time just reading the labels. Compare brands and go for the one containing less sugar. These extra minutes will help you consume fewer calories.
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