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Barbell Circuit Workout

Posted Feb 18 2009 12:07pm
Admittedly, I have too much time on my hands since being sidelined with a stress fracture in my foot. I've been roaming the web looking for new, diverse workouts to try once I'm back on my feet (literally) so that I can beat my body back in to shape.

This morning I came across Craig Ballantyne's Big 5 Barbell Circuit Workout:

I initially took some exception to the fact that Craig suggested females use an EZ Curl bar but, truth is ... I'm not sure I'd get through 3 sets of this workout with a 45 lb Olympic bar. I'll need to wait another few weeks to test that out but if you have a chance to give this workout a test run, I'd be very interested to hear what weight you used!

The diversity of Craig's Turbulence Training program never ceases to amaze me. As I often tell people who come to me for help in losing weight/fat, the key to success is to never let your body adapt to an exercise routine. Over time the same workout will simply become less effective.

Remember, diversity is key so give new routines a try, and don't stick with any one routine for longer than 4-weeks!

Train hard; stay strong.



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