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Barbecuing Safe

Posted by C.L. R.

This summer, keep in mind safety as you are enjoying the hot weather and your friend's summer cookout. I am writing this after a close friend got a little ill post bbq, where our friend decided to serve spicy shrimp. In theory, they looked delicious. But as someone who has had the food poisoning before, I decided to shy away from the tasty little shrimp they were offering and here's why - my friends were in true bbq spirit, drunk, barbecuing up a storm and doing nothing to make sure that the food they were serving guests was not sitting out too long. And with shrimp, you just can't risk it. So this summer, if you are looking to have your own bbq or are a guest, make sure that all the meats, seafood and condiments that are egg based are kept cold. Otherwise, grab yourself a serving of the fruit salad instead. You?ll thank me in the morning.
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Maybe it's cheater bbq, but I do mine in the crock pot! Check out my recipe for the Easiest BBQ Beef Sandwiches on Earth. And totally safe!

People do tend to get a little lax when cooking outside. Whenever I attend a cookout I'm always super careful what I eat as well.
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