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Banana Honey Milk

Posted Mar 27 2012 1:40am 3 Comments

I went out to lunch over the weekend with a good friend who came in from out of town for a visit. We hit up a local Mediterranean restaurant, and as we were browsing the menu, she suggested the “Banana Honey Milk” for a beverage that she’d had before and enjoyed.

Bananas, honey and milk?  I am so there!

Our drinks were brought to the table by a friendly, older gentleman who proudly told us that he’d made them himself, and then asked us to let him know how we liked them.  This drink was frothy, sweet and thin like milk, as opposed to being thick like a smoothie or milkshake.

It was simple.  And it was delicious.

I spotted the Banana Milk Man as we were leaving the restaurant and I had to tell him that he did a great job. I then threw in that I couldn’t wait to go home recreate it.

“If you can recreate that…” he said doubtfully, “you must come back and tell me about it.”

You know, that sort of sounds a like a challenge, Banana Man.

Banana Honey Milk Ingredients

Bananas, honey and milk?  I am so there.

For my first attempt this afternoon, I started with 16 ounces of milk, half a banana and a tablespoon of honey.

Half a Banana

The result?  Not nearly as banana-y and honey-ish as Banana Man’s.

Well played, BM.  Well played.

But with the other half of the banana and another squirt of honey thrown in to the blender?

Still thin, plenty frothy and perfectly sweet.

Banana Honey Milk

As my friend Joey Tribbiani would say, How you doin’?

So here’s the deal.  I opted for grass fed cow’s milk as my milk of choice, mostly because I was having trouble envisioning how well a non dairy milk might work here.  I have no problem using almond milk in  overnight oats , cereal or for splashing into , but I don’t ever pour myself a big honking class of almond milk and belly up to the table for a swig fest.  You aren’t gonna get me to drink a glass of almond milk without chanting chug! chug! chug! and the promise of a good buzz.

We don’t typically drink milk here, but cow’s milk delivers a lot of protein, something I’m particularly mindful of right now , so I was happy to make an exception today.  Exceptions are also eagerly made when white haired men with foreign accents throw down the banana blending gauntlet.

Challenge accepted.

Banana Honey Milk

16 oz of milk (I used 2%)
1 banana
2 tablespoons of honey

Blend until smooth. Serves 2.  Or 1.  Whatever.


Simple and delicious.  A delightfully cold snack when you’re looking for something healthy and sweet.

If you try this and use a non dairy milk, please report back with your results!  Our dairy free friends and Banana Men want to know.

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Looks yummy! And I am dairy free, so I will have to let you know how my coconut banana milk comes out!
Ok! I am back! I made it with 14.5 oz of coconut milk (Native Forest BPA-free in the can), 1 TBSP plus 1 tsp of raw honey, and 1 frozen (that's all I had) banana. I blended for quite some time and it's AMAZING! Love it!
Very cool Robin, thanks!  I've just started buying coconut milk (in place of almond milk), I'm going to have to try it!
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