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Banana Chocolate Spice Cake

Posted Oct 22 2012 4:30am
When the weather begins to get crisp and cool I often find myself sitting down to a nice warm mug of spicy tea. Anything with cloves or red peppercorns will do the trick for me.

Although I could be content with my mug of tea, there is nothing like adding a perfectly personalized individual microwave cake to the afternoon.

Banana Chocolate Spice Cake

Ingredients: Instructions
•0.5 oz (half square) dark baker’s chocolate

•1 tbsp coconut flour

•1 tbsp peanut flour

•1 tbsp psyllium husk

•1/4 tsp baking soda
•2 tbsp egg whites (or one egg white)•2-3 tbsp mashed mashed banana, or pumpkin puree

•1/4 cup of spice tea (I used one with peppers and cloves)

•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

•dash of salt, banana extract, stevia if desired

1)Melt baker’s chocolate in 2 tbsp of spice tea (I use microwave on low power for intervals of 45 seconds stirring intermittently)2)In a separate bowl mix all dry ingredients

3)Add mashed banana, egg whites, the remaining 2 tbsp of spice tea and extracts.

4)Microwave for 2.5 minutes.

5)Flip and microwave for another 3 minutes on reduced power level.

6)Let cool

7)Top with: Cottage cheese, pumpkin, banana protein powder, and cinnamon

Category Mark Comments Overall Grade
The extra step of having to first melt your chocolate adds time, but the taste and texture is totally worth it.


The nutrition will depend highly on what type of chocolate you use and whether you use banana or pumpkin. Not counting the topping the breakdown is approx: 14g carbs (mostly fiber), 9g fat, and 11g protein.
Very intense dark chocolate flavour. Not very sweet, however you could always choose to add more sweetener.
Perfectly moist and not the least bit crumbly.
General Comments Some microwave cakes cook more evenly then others. I found that this one cooked really consistently and didn’t leave any rubbery edges.

What do you like in a spicy tea?

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