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Balanced Birthday Cake: Low Fat Chocolate Cake!

Posted May 28 2010 2:53pm
I am going to Vegas in a week! Yeah! If you have any tips/ideas for me, let me know--it will be my first time to Vegas. We will be celebrating my Mom's 50th birthday. And there will be 13 women on the trip! We plan to go to Ghost Bar, see Cirque du Soleil "O" show, go to Emeril's restaurant, PURE or Tryst, maybe pole dancing... Anyway, I made a low fat chocolate cake to help the ladies "watch their figures" before the fabulous Vegas trip. But, of course the frosting still had fat (butter, reduced fat cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla). And I decorated it Vegas style!
I used the recipe on the back of the cocoa powder box, and just substituted applesauce for all the butter. Now, everyone said it came out wonderful (I recommend refrigerating the cake after baking so it is nice and moist and cool), but I think I could have a found a slightly better recipe. The cake was a little too dense for my likings. But, in general, here are my delicious tips to make a low fat chocolate cake
  • 2 bananas mashed for every stick of butter
  • combination of light vanilla yogurt and applesauce instead of butter/oil
    • This works well because you do not taste the applesauce flavor
  • pureed dates or prunes instead of butter/oil
Here are some recipe links for low fat chocolate cake (since the one I used was quite "the best" and not up to my standards even though everyone loved it--I will only share the best with my readers!) Food Network Recipe I recommend this one--looks the best so far, and I will try it next!
RecipeZaar Recipe
Prevention Recipe

My Mom (so cute--doesn't look 50!) and I (after I went tubing down the river all day=no makeup=need black and white photo) and my little brother enjoying the cake. Well, my countdown 'til Vegas continues... I must begin planning what to pack! Oh, and I am about to go make a spinach crust-less quiche with my boyfriend. Happy Friday!

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