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Baked Apple Pumpkin Oats

Posted Oct 15 2010 8:20pm

Happy Friday :-D … you all know what day it is on this blog…

Sweet Friday!

Yes that’s right it’s time for sweet treats. But only mature fall inspired ones like the


First make some oats, I used old fashioned Quaker oats.

1/4 cup oats and 1/2 cup water.

Then I added a pinch salt and splash vanilla and a hefty shake pumpkin pie spice. After the oats were done cooking I added about 2 TBSP pumpkin.

While the oats are cooking I “baked” some apples thanks to Tina’s inspiration a few blog posts ago.

First you core and cut up some apple slices. I used a small-medium sized fuji and I left the skin on, Tina takes off the skin, so do what you like.

Add 1 tsp brown sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and a 2 tsp butter

Nuke ;-) for between 2 and 3 minutes stirring at least once to get your apples well covered.

Once the apples are ‘baked’ or ‘nuked’ pour them over your pumpkin oat mixture and sprinkle some craisins over the top. Hope you enjoy!


I tried a new coffee today! While at Target I spotted these little tester/travel packets of Archer Farms Coffee. You know I can’t resist anything mini so I bought these three flavors to test. I really liked the Vanilla bag I found on sale a while ago.


French Vanilla, Breakfast Blend, and Cinnamon Vanilla Nut. They also had a few others I wanted to try but I thought it would be better to stay small this first round ;-) .

I went with the Breakfast Blend this morning even though the Cinnamon Vanilla Nut is nagging at my taste buds.

The blend is really good, strong but not too strong. We’re out of milk so I didn’t make my usual coffee creation. I used a tsp cream and a sprinkle sugar. I really liked it this morning, but I’ll be interested to see if it gets the same review with the usual additives.

In this little bag I get almost 4 days of coffee! Not too shabby.


I haven’t done my exercises yet :oops: , but my ankle is pretty sore and stiff this morning from all the exercising yesterday. I can tell the swelling is down and my joint does have more movement in it now, which is AMAZING! Just one day and seeing results, but I can tell PT is going to be hard and I will have days where I struggle to stay on top of my exercises.

Today I’m focusing on some Photoshop/Illustrator warfare. I’m going to be working on the Simply Maren 3.0 Banner and other logo/images and every time I do this it turns into a full on battle to get what I want. Why can’t Adobe just work how I think it should work? Nothing is EVER how I expect, haha.

What is your favorite fall flavor? Pumpkin, Apple, or Other? If you pick other what is your “Other”?

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