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Bad Meal of the Day - Subway Tuna Sub

Posted May 09 2008 11:33am

A comment on Mike’s blog got me thinking about some things I need to do differently, one of which is improve my logging of meals. I’m finding that really hard to do, but I know I need to do it. So to start with I am going to try to write about the worst meal of the day, whether it was in terms of calories, portion size, maybe even taste - we’ll see as I go along. Of course I am hoping that knowing I will be writing about it will cause me to think twice before I order something bad - I will point out I didn’t think about writing this until I sat down with the already ordered meal below!

By far my worst meal of the day today was a 12″ Subway Tuna Sub with all the fixings, if I recall that’s a 1200 calorie sandwich not including the Fritos I ate with it.

What happened? Three things:

  1. Laziness. I worked until 7:00pm and knew there wasn’t going to be a meal waiting for me at home (takes me about 80 minutes to get home); I was going to have to make something or reheat leftovers. I didn’t want to make something. Fast food makes lazy people happy.
  2. Habit. Subway is one of those places I used to eat at a lot before I started this journey. I’m no Jared when I go there - I get the big boy sandwiches that are NO good for you. I have not been able to change my habit to a 6″ sub with ham and no cheese or mayo like I should. I know that would be enough for me but yet I still order the 12″ Tuna. I need to develop the habit of ordering something different.
  3. Stress. Lots of stress at work lately. I crave comfort food when stressed.

So there it is, that’s no diet right there. Let’s see if it is better tomorrow.

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