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Bad Meal of the Day - McDonald's Breakfast

Posted May 15 2008 10:03am 1 Comment

[I am writing this while stuck in O'Hare Airport in Chicago- my flight that was originally scheduled to leave at 8:00 is now delayed until 10:30. The joys of flying!]

I’m still no expert at proper eating while traveling and today started in typical bad fashion - breakfast at McDonald’s. The Golden Arches happen to lay between my hotel and work and as I was checking out I already knew I was going to find myself eating there. Rather than talking myself out of it I justified it by telling myself I am no longer eating two breakfast sandwiches like I used to, and that a simple #2 would be all I would need, and really that isn’t that bad, if I recall it’s maybe 600 calories.

The problem, however, is that I noticed from the ads in the restaurant that they had introduced a new breakfast sandwich, the Chicken Biscuit. I am a sucker for trying new things but need to have the comfort of known things - which means that instead of replacing my Sausage McMuffin with the Chicken Biscuit I ended up going with both.

So that’s how I ended up eating two sandwiches (and a hashbrown) even though I was totally ready to just have one. And the thing is the new sandwich didn’t taste all that good either (it really could have used some country gravy for dipping).

As I was walking into McDonald’s this morning I knew I was going to be writing this about that meal but then it got even worse.

That just goes to show how important it is to stay out of there in the first place.

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LOL - yep, my weakness is french fries. Even Julia Child loved them.

So, you may want to check out Wellsphere's new tool Wellternatives. It gives you healthier options to choose from before or while you're at (via your cell phone) a chain or fast food place - where so many americans eat. Here's the page for McD's:

Good luck!


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