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Bad Meal of the Day - Breakfast Cereal

Posted May 15 2008 7:01pm

I don’t usually eat cereal for breakfast but the last couple of days were exceptions. I needed something fast, and having a bowl of cereal with skim milk sounded like it would hit the spot. How bad can a bowl of cereal be?

How about 640 calories.

How’s that, you ask? Well, first you start with Golden Grahams at 120 calories per 3/4 cup serving. Then you multiply that by 4 because instead of going with the paltry serving size you fill up a large bowl (which you later measure to be 3 cups). Then add 2 cups of skim milk at 80 calories each and there is your 640 calories.

Now that’s not a terrible meal, and actually it wasn’t really the worst of the day (Burger Emporium for dinner was), but it was interesting to me because until I actually measured it out I really didn’t know that I was , when I did eat cereal, habitually eating FOUR SERVINGS.

Portion sizes can be a real killer.

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