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Bad Breath Lowers Cancer Risks

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Researchers have found that consuming a half cup of onion daily lowered their cancer risk by 65 percent. Garlic eaters lowered their risks by 30 percent. While this is true of several types of cancer only breast and ovarian cancers were mentioned in the article I read. If you love onions and garlic this is a good excuse to indulge. Just make sure you’ve got some good breath mints at hand. The researchers who conducted the study were Italian if you haven’t guessed already.

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This is so funny, because I wrote a story on how people who floss tend to have longer lives than those who don't. :) I love garlic and onions myself, but I always make sure I have breath mints on hand! On a more serious note, did the researchers mention which chemical compounds in sharper tasting foods might be responsible for lowering the risk?
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