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Back to the grind

Posted Feb 20 2008 12:00am

In 2000, when I had my first job out of college, I worked a 4-day week. I worked a ten hour day, ate lunch at my desk but had every Monday off. I hated the job, but I loved the schedule. Life would just be so much better if we always had 3-day weekends. Two days is not enough time to relax, have fun and get stuff done. Usually, getting stuff done falls to the wayside.

So, now it’s back to the grind. But the great thing about having Monday off is that today is not Monday. I went to the gym during my lunch hour. I have been doing the lifting routines from The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It definitely helps me to have a set routine and to note how heavy I lifted so I actually increase the weight. I’ve been lifting weights as part of my general workout routine for 7 years or so and I probably still lift the same amount!

This is what I did:

Deadlifts – 2 sets; 15 reps. Now, I couldn’t really do this correctly. The picture in the book shows a person with bent legs picking up the barbell from the ground and then putting it down again. It said it didn’t matter how you put it down. But I always thought a deadlift was more of a lift with a straight back where you don’t put the barbell all the way down. I need to investigate. Anyway, I did them with just the weight of the barbell with no added weight.

Alternate sets of dumbell shoulder presses and lat pulldowns – 2 sets each; 15 reps. Shoulders with a 10 pound weight in each hand; lat pulldowns at 60 pounds.

Aleternate sets of lunges and crunches – 2 sets each; 15 reps each leg per set for lunges; 30 crunches. Lunges with an 8 pound dumbell in each hand. The workout routine actually had me doing a swiss ball crunch but I couldn’t find a ball. It also only had me doing 8 reps which I thought was too easy.

I’m going to go back to the gym later tonight to do 4.5 miles. It’s still crowded from New Years and I find that even at 9 pm, sometimes all the treadmills are full. Argh.

So, say what you want about this, but I started trying to count calories. I’ve been totally underestimating what I’ve been eating by a LOT. I was inspired by Kath who talked about using a food scale. I saw one relatively cheap at Target. So I’ve always thought an apple has roughly 80 calories. I happen to have two apples in my house and when you actually weigh them one has 146 calories and one has 130. I mean, whatever, it’s an apple but I’m sure my portions of everything are way underestimated.

Oh and the Morningstar Farms Veggie Cakes (here) are sort of weird and mushy.

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