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Back for a break

Posted Nov 21 2010 8:48pm

Hey there :D Long time no talk see blog!

I’ve been swamped with the usual school work. Didn’t someone say senior year was supposed to be the easiest?! Clearly they weren’t majoring in dietetics.

For my Community Nutrition class, I have to read this book over Thanksgiving break–>


Has anyone else read it?

I’m sure it will be an easy read because I love Michael Pollan and his philosophies :)

Before heading home for Thanksgiving break, I needed to clear out my fridge! Some things I needed to finish included…


Tamarind Tofu Cabbage Bowl from Vegan Yum Yum  


Basil Eggplant from The Vegan Table topped with dry-roasted edamame

Both dishes were tasty but the Basil Eggplant was a little spicy for my taste. I’m not sure why I continue to cook spicy foods when I know I’m not a fan of the heat. I suppose it’s because people keep telling me it’s an acquired taste. My thought process tells me…

You didn’t like coffee at first…but you acquired the taste. Now you love it.

Same with avocados.

Same with beer.

But I’m starting to think spiciness is in a different category. My sinuses are clear thank you very much.

Are there things you’ve acquired a taste for? Are there things you try over & over and they continually let you down?

That last question is the definition of insanity, folks ;)

*In other news, the lovely folks at Vega sent me some shake & go smoothie samples!



*Side Note* – After reading Brendan Brazier’s book Thrive, I was a big fan of him & his products. I was really excited to finally try these!

First up was the Choc-a-Lot smoothie mix. Naturally, I didn’t do what a normal person would do (mix it up as a smoothie). Rather, I put it in my oatmeal…


The verdict: I liked it! It made the oatmeal creamier but not chalky (like some protein powders do). It had a prominent chocolate flavor and I could only detect a hint of earthiness.

Nest up was the Vanilla Almondilla –>


It was only fair that I mixed it into oatmeal as well…


The verdict: I liked it, but not as much as the chocolate. This one also made the oats thick & creamy, however it had a more prominent earthy flavor. I’m personally a fan of earthy flavors so I enjoyed it all the same. Not to mention it made the oats bright green (which I think is pretty cool…) and it was sitting under a river of almond and coconut butter.

*Well, I’m off to catch up on some quality TV (Kardashians anyone?)

I’ll be back with a Thanksgiving recap! I hope everyone enjoys the holiday :)

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