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Awesome Herbal Immune Booster & Cold/Flu Remedy

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:58pm

Yesterday, my husband was home sick from work with a 100.4 degree temperature. Unlike his usual energetic self, he was curled up with a blanket on the couch with our two-year-old daughter jumping on top of his listless body. The vitamin C and zinc supplements I insisted he take did nothing once the flu had taken hold.

So I headed to the health food store where I was determined to bring back the most powerful immune booster/flu buster I could find. Remembering that the "food concierge" at the store had once recommended a certain line of herbal tinctures for the cold and flu season, I grabbed the one that looked the most potent. I came home and proudly proclaimed to my husband that this would make him better by tomorrow.

Well, it worked! In the middle of the night, his fever broke and today his once heavy head is almost clear. He is nearly back to normal. I was so thrilled with the results that I called my sister this morning to tell her about my new discovery since the same bug is going around her family.

It's called Immune Defense Tonic by Herb Farm. It's a liquid herbal extract so it quickly gets absorbed into the body. I should note that Herb Pharm recently improved the formula, but most of the online supplement stores are still selling the old version. The bottles with the new formula reads: "Now Improved With Astragalus, Reishi & Schisandra". It can be purchased through Herb Pharms online store or look for it at your local health store.

Astragalus is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine to support and enhance the immune system as well as prevent and treat common colds and upper respiratory infections. Reishi is also an ancient Eastern medicine hailed as the "mushroom of immortality". It is known to also boost the immune system as well as ward off cancer, heart disease, allergy symptoms and inflammation. Schisandra is an herbal adaptogen that is often used with other herbs to help bring the body back into a balanced state. Additionally, the tincture contains echinacea, which is also used to treat or prevent colds, flu and other infections by stimulating the immune system. Together, these herbs seem to work a miracle.

This tonic is now a definite keeper in my house. I also plan to buy the children's version, Children's Winter Health Compound, for my daughter as well. My goal for the rest of this winter is to nip the cold and flu in the bud as soon as it enters my home.

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