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Avoid Mercury Contamination

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:01pm

A federal study of mercury contamination conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey was released last week, finding the toxic substance in every fish tested in nearly 300 streams across the country. This is the most comprehensive look to date at mercury in the nation’s streams.

With mercury levels becoming widespread, it is increasingly more difficult to decipher which fish are the safest to consume in order to avoid harmful effects such as damage to the nervous system and impaired mental functioning. Practitioner, Dr. Steven Arculeo specializes in holistically correcting the three main causes of pain and illness to the body: accumulated stress, trauma and toxicity of substances such as mercury.

“The body is self healing and self regulating in its constant quest to be healthy and resist stress and disease. The body does this well when there is no interference in the way. When one accumulates physical trauma, toxins and emotional stress, the body is interfered with and typically results in pain and diseases,” Dr. Arculeo states.

The best way to stay safe from mercury poisoning interfering with the body is to stay away from its sources. Dr. Arculeo breaks down the most common fish to avoid along with the safest to consume, in order to avoid mercury poisoning:

Lower Levels of Mercury
* Anchovies
* Sardines
* Salmon
* Shrimp
* Light canned tuna
* Crab

High Levels of Mercury
* Shark
* Swordfish
* King mackerel
* Albacore canned tuna
* Tilefish

The EPA suggests eating no more than 12 ounces, or two average meals, of fish lower in mercury and no more than 6 ounces, or one average meal, of fish higher in mercury each week for healthy adults. Young children, pregnant women, women who may become pregnant or nursing mothers should not eat any fish known to contain high mercury levels.

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