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Avocado--A True Superfood

Posted by Nirmala N.

Not only is the avocado one of my favorite veggie-that's-really-a-fruit ever, but it's also impressively packed with a plethora of nutrients that officially make it a superfood.

* Magnesium
* Folate
* Potassium
* Vitamins B, E and K
* Glutathione
* Lutein
* Monounsaturated fats
* Omega-3 fatty acids

So next time you get a burrito or salad, definitely pass on the guac and pack in some fresh avocado slices.

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I am always trying to add avocado to my diet. I think it's supposed to be great for hair. When I was a little girl, we used to feed my Basset hound avocados before competitions! I eat avocado with sushi, with hamburgers and with chicken salad. The only problem is, grocery stores rarely have ripe avocados here! When I want to eat one, I have to had thought of it 4 days before...
Yes, these are awesome. Very good for your health and livingness.
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