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Average weight for women in the U. S. has changed from 147 lbs. in 1994 to 153 lbs.

Posted by Ben S.

The average weight for women has increased by 6 lbs. but the ideal weight in the average woman’s mind has only increased by 2 lbs. The weight gain came as a shock for me, because of all the new technology and diet fads that are pursued by the public. It would seem as if weight would have been lost in the recent years, but I was completely wrong. Although we have more gyms, healthy food options, and healthy social networks (Wellsphere) we still seem to not have control on our weight. The fast food industry and health food industry are in a war, and we are in the center of it, unknowingly. There’s small attacks everyday with advertisements and new information about the other. But it’s the colossal changes that impact all of us - the health food industry comes out with something like “Super Size Me” and changes the commerce all together, then McDonald’s comes out with the “healthy” snack wrap (260-330 calories each!).

The Health industry is definitely the good guys in this war. Similar to most I feel an ever-present feeling that we are being manipulated and lied to by the Junk Food industry. They convince us that their food makes us happy, the fourth meal is necessary, and of course we can have it our way. In Fact, these fast food places have such a grasp on our minds that it was recently proven that a child prefers the exact same foods with McDonald’s rapping (Even Carrots!).

Thankfully the Health industry doesn’t back down without a fight. New information and tools come out all the time to help us with our battle, but it takes our self-discipline to listen and try to change. Fast Food is addictive, but health is as well. Which would you rather be addicted to?

Use tools that will help you with your healthy goals. When you don’t know if something is bad for you, stay away from it. Your health is one of the least expensive tools that you have almost complete control over, don’t let it get away from you. Pay attention to health information and let your friends help you and don’t forget to help them.

The war is taking place in your home, be aware of it and help the good guys win!

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