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Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) AKA the “Head Tingles”

Posted Jan 09 2012 7:59am

Ok, so I have a confession to make.  For my entire life, I have sought to find out what causes this unnamed, strange sensation that I have that starts in my head and moves all through my limbs.  It feels like a “tingle”.  I literally thought I was crazy because of this.  Here are a list of things that seem to cause it (all in the context of a quiet room):

  1. Bob Ross painting
  2. Someone flipping through magazines in the doctor’s office waiting room.
  3. Someone working on something intently, like drawing or making crafts, when I’m close by.
  4. Sometimes, typing
  5. Certain speech patters, but never when they’re talking to me.
  6. When someone is eating certain foods.
  7. Certain televangelists.
  8. Certain cooking shows.
  9. Being read to.

The reason I sought this out is because it is one of the most amazing, relaxing sensations, and I think if I can pinpoint what causes it that it would help me sleep.  I can’t express this enough – this sensation is euphoric.

Until recently, you couldn’t find anything about it.  But, I was searching online last night and came across a whole community of people who make videos designed to trigger an ASMR (that’s how I found out about that name, because I was searching for “soothing sounds”).  There’s also research being done.   I was floored when I discovered this… all those years of not understanding something and now it’s coming to light.

So, I’m really excited to be following this amazing research being done.


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