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Atkins still Atkins says London Nutritionist

Posted Apr 14 2010 9:47am 4 Comments
Atkins-EMEA - New Atkins New You

Atkins has been rebranded with a get out of Jail free card

The 'new' Atkins diet includes the new line advising

* A daily requirement for at least five servings of high-fiber “foundation vegetables”

This is the line that will make it acceptable to scientists who were previously warning the Atkins diet was dangerous and could cause kidney problems.

But despite the new logo seemingly claiming that the sun shines out of the Atkins International backside it's still a pro meat, anti carbohydrate, high saturated fat, low antioxident, low essential fat diet fad diet says London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston.

"The marketing people have just squashed Atkins into a slightly different shaped box - it's still the same beast, it still has unpleasant side effects and it's still going to perpetuate the myth that meat is more important than a rainbow of vegetables on your plate"

"What's wrong with the Atkins diet? It's more fresh vegetables that we need in our diet not more meat. More essential fats and anti-oxidents not more factory farmed saturated animal fat" says the London Nutritionist.

Author Tony Bishop-Weston says "It's true, highly processed nutrient stripped carbohydrates are the root of all nutritional evil but we need to replace them with colourful fresh vegetables and anti-oxident rich berries not saturated fat rich dead meat"
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What a load of ROT.  I seriously doubt ' Yvonne Bishop-Weston' has read his book, otherwise she wouldn't be saying such preposterous things.  I am dismayed and hope people will read Dr Atkin's New Diet Revolution and see for themselves the lists of vegetables, salads and berries he advocates you eat, even on the strictest phase (Induction).

Hmmm - poposturous things like we don't need  "more factory farmed saturated animal fat" in our diet???

Where did you study nutrition Lynne?

Hate to break it to you Lynne  but like Elvis, Dr Atkins is no longer with us.

Visit Pubmed once in a while - check out all the studies that link eating meat with increased risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, inflamatory conditions etc etc etc

Further more in India where a big percentage of the population is vegetarian the Atkins corporation run vegetarian and vegan versions of the Atkins diet


Robert Eckel, MD, a University of Denver professor who is past president of the American Heart Association, says the (vegan) Eco-Atkins diet is definitely better than the original Atkins Diet 

If you read what I have said and what the so called expert said, you will see that what I am disputing is the fact that people give the impression Atkins diet originally didnt have vegetables in it, when it patently does.  I make no claim to be an expert on nutrition.  BUT I have read his book and I know he advovates eating berries, salad and vegetables.  Too many people dont read his book and then say that his diet is all about eating tons of fatty meat.  My point is that THAT is wrong.


He advocates eating berries, veg, salad, meat, dairy, eating as much unprocsses food as possible (dont ask me why he brought out the atkins bars, that's a WHOLE other subject), drinking plenty of water and excersising......

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