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Aspartame Poisoning

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:00pm

Ever meet someone addicted to soda? Someone who has to have it daily? Drinks it with meals?

I grew up pop restricted, when it was around it was a REALLY big deal. It was bought bottled, never canned,  and we always poured it into a glass over ice.  I loved it.  I remember summering with my Indiana cousins. They had a local establishment that had a syrupy fountain soda place in town. I'd beg and beg and beg for my driving cousins to bring me one when they were out running their errands.  If I was lucky, I'd beg my way to two in one day.  

For a brief period in my life we kept pop in the house, and really cheap beer, for that matter, by the case. I remember actually looking for pop on sale by the case - getting it cheaper somehow seemed important. One day I watched myself hefting the stuff up the stairs and I thought my goodness why the heck are you buying this stuff by the case? 

I knew better.

When I tried to quit I found myself thinking about pop all the time.  I'd concede and have one on the weekend, only to find myself consumed during the week, pining for my next when can I  have a pop day.

Eventually I stopped 100% and today I might have a few sips of one at the movie theater. I still adore it's fizzy, syrupy sweetness. Who doesn't?  

When Diet Pop came into fashion I didn't get tasted horrible.  I mean really... diet soda tastes horrific.

Remember TAB ? Those of you who were devoted TAB drinkers will recall the NEED for it. The insane I MUST have my TAB. In high school one of my employers was a tab-aholic.

I think it was an addiction

What else would you call it ??

Most folks choose to drink a diet pop because of less calories. Marketing blah blah educating the masses.

Why would someone order a double cheeseburger and ask for a diet pop? Is the calorie savings really making a difference here ?? 

Has Americans consumption of Diet Soda reduced obesity?

I had my own personal  health journey in the late 80's.  Cleaned up my diet, cleaned up my pantry, stopped stocking cases of liquid refreshment, drank water instead, began cooking scratch, started paying attention and educating myself

One of the books that fostered much change for me was Diet for a Poisoned Planet by David Steinman.

In it he says avoid Aspartame aka Equal and NutraSweet.  He shares....

Aspartame was created by a scientist working on a ulcer medication, his experiment ran over the top of a beaker and he absentmindedly licked some of the foaming goo off his finger and said ooooohh this is sweet...

I kid you not.

Aspartame replaced saccharin which was banned from the market in 1971 for causing bladder cancer. Saccharin is now readily available again with warning signs that it causes cancer.
Seriously ...does this make sense to you ??

The chemistry of Aspartame.... 

bear with me ... art major here ( ha!)

Aspartame is a synthetic compound of two amino acids. Phenylalanine and Aspartate...these two compounds are held in a chemical bond by Methanol  -  Methanol is also known as wood alcohol.

Aspartame presents itself as a minuscule molecule that the body doesn't metabolize slowly. Instead Aspartame goes straight into the blood stream. When Aspartame hits the blood stream it divides into its 3 parts:   Phenylaline, Aspartate and Methanol.  

Methanol alone is poisonous. 

Normally when we eat methanol foods there is ethyl alcohol present which neutralizes the methanol

Guess what??  Aspartame doesn't have ethyl alcohol as part of it's parts.

When you ingesting diet anything you are consuming poison.

Methanol Poisoning Symptoms: headaches, numbness of the extremities, vertigo, depression, blurred vision nausea and abdominal pain

Methanol has a particular affection for the blood vessels of the optic nerve, binding to them.  If the levels are high enough Methanol will destroy the blood supply to the retina, causing blindness.  High methanol levels during certain periods of pregnancy have resulted in lack of formation of their babies eyes.

If you heat aspartame, like to anything over 85 actual more harmful freestanding methanol is created.

Gee -- do you think diet pop might ever be stored in a garage, or be delivered in a truck or sitting in a hot warehouse ?

There are actually people who can not metabolize the amino acid phenylaline. Those 20 million or so people suffer from PKU or phenyketouria.  They have a huge intolerance to Aspartame

Aspartame Intoxication Symptoms:  severe headaches, nausea, vertigo, insomnia, loss of control over their arms, legs, and hands. Blurred vision, blindness or other visual problems, memory loss, slurred speech, mild depression, hyperactivity, gastrointestinal disorders, seizures, skin lesions, rashes, anxiety attacks, muscular and joint pain, numbness, subtle mood changes, loss of energy, menstrual cramps, irregular or loss of menstrual cycle, symptoms mimicking heart attacks, hearing loss, ringing ears, loss or change of taste.

Pause for a moment here and read those symptoms again

How many doctors do you know ask if a patient presents themselves with any of the above symptoms if they are actively drinking diet soda?

I say this because a student of mine drank an alarming amount of soda daily and had 1/2 of the symptoms listed above.

When she weaned from pop ALL of her symptoms disappeared.

I have since shared her experience with many others. 

Wouldn't you?

The remarkable resources for David Steinman's comments are appendixed in the back of his book page 376, too much for me to type here

Aspartame is listed as one of my top ten food additives to avoid

equal flickr image credit 

not for the taste of it flickr image credit

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