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Aspartame: Know the Facts

Posted by Tracii H.

We all know that sugar is a major pitfall in the American diet, but are sugar substitutes like Aspartame any better? Research shows that they may actually be worse.

Aspartame has three main ingredients: phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol.

These ingredients break down to formaldehyde in the body, basically pickling you from the inside. Formaldehyde is a major carcinogen used in embalming - sweet. Methanol, even in small doses, is known to be poisonous. Symptoms of methanol toxicity include blindness, brain swelling, and pancreatic/heart inflammation. Many people have reported that diseases like multiple sclerosis, panic disorder, depression, and psychosis resulted from aspartame and disappeared after discontinuation and thorough bodily cleansing. What's more, Gulf War Syndrome has been linked to the consumption of expired diet sodas provided by the government and left out in the sun for months before consumption in combination with several vaccines given soldiers (Anthrax, etc.) and radiation exposure from uranium-tipped missiles used during the war.

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Substitute sugars always worried me because they are abnormally sweet and don't dissolve in your coffee. I've been using sugar in the raw... isn't that a pretty pure form of sugar? Is aspartame also in Diet Soda?
Yes, sugar in the raw and organic evaporated cane juice are the least harmful, most natural sources of cane sugar out there. Still, it's best to use them in moderation, as they can still have many of the same effects of white sugar, like dental caries, diabetes, and weight gain. Stevia, an herbal sugar substitute, is also a good choice. It's sweeter than sugar but contains no actual sugar. Aspartame can be found in many products, including diet soda, Equal brand sweetener, many desserts, and a number of sugar-free products. Anything with a sweet taste that claims to be sugar free contains ONE of the artificial sweeteners, if not aspartame. Hope that helps! :)
Yes, thank you! I will have to try Stevia. I have never heard of it. I'm assuming I can find it at Whole Foods. As you suggest, I use sugar in the raw in moderation - I typically don't even use a whole bag in a cup of coffee.
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