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Ask It: Down, Down, Down

Posted Jun 18 2010 12:43pm

xghostlybird asked: what do you think of kfc’s new double down? i have the nutrition facts in my blog post here [and my comments]. but i’d like your opinion.

Sort of surprisingly, I’ve received this question from several people! For those of you lucky enough not to know what KFC’s Double Down is, it’s two pieces of fried chicken fillet sandwiching two slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, two slices of bacon, and a special sauce. It has 540 calories, 32g fat, and 1,380mg sodium. It looks like this

I imagine most of you know how I feel about the Double Down. But it’s probably not for the reasons you think. I don’t begrudge it for the calories or fat, but rather, for these reasons:

  • It’s ridiculous for the sake of being ridiculous — not for the sake of being delicious. I can’t imagine that thing is enjoyable to eat in any way. There IS such thing as too much of a good thing (or in this case, too much of an — at best — mediocre thing). I’m all for going all out for deliciousness’ sake, but even though I’ve never tried this, I know it’s not DELICIOUS. It’s just a pile of fried food. I read one review of the DD claiming that “within 10 minutes sandwich caused some physical distress.” It’s clearly not easy to get down!
  • It’s low-quality compounded. Sure, we all know that fast food is low-quality. No grass-fed meat or free-range chickens there. But these are low-quality ingredients combined for the ultimate in low-quality food. Why pay $5.50 for this frankenfood concoction?! Take your $5.50 and buy a whole package of chicken parts and fry them yourself!
  • It’s novelty food at its finest. I’m just not a fan of novelty food items. That is, food created just for that “whoa” reaction — like Gogurt, Bagelfuls, or Cereal Straws. Novelty food isn’t FOOD, it’s an experience. And that doesn’t make it bad, but it doesn’t make it worthwhile, either.

I know some of you have tried or will try the Double Down just for the novelty of it. But once you get over that, I hope you roll your eyes at this clever marketing attempt by KFC.

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