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Ash’s Bridal Bash

Posted Jun 07 2009 11:15pm

Wahoo! Ashley’s bridal bash was a blast! What a night we had! The bride-to-be definitely enjoyed herself, and I’m so glad that we were able to give her a fun night out! :mrgreen:

Making t-shirts for Ashley’s bachelorette was such a great idea! Everyone really got into it– and the bright green shirts made it much easier to find one another in a crowded bar. 

The group spent a couple of hours playing games and “pre-gaming” before we were picked-up and driven to Portland for the night. 

I loved not having to think about what to wear for a night out with the girls. I threw on some jeans, my flip flops, a hoodie, my green t-shirt, and I was ready to go! 

The bride requested that we all include a farm animal on our t-shirts in honor of her upbringing on a dairy farm. I drew a MAL lard on my shirt! :-D

The hometown gals…

The bar of choice for the evening was Bull Feeney’s, a charming Irish Pub in Portland. Bull Feeney’s had live music and lots of space for dancing, which was the perfect setting for bachelorette (and bachelor) party shenanigans. 

I started with an Allagash White and a cup of coffee at the bar. (The caffeine helped after a long day at the beach.)

Over the course of the night, I ended up drinking 2 more beers, but I cut myself off when we headed to a second bar. I knew I had drank enough for the night, which ended up being a good decision considering how blah I felt when I woke up this morning. :-?

At the bar, bachelorette ridiculousness ensued! It was so fun! :mrgreen:

Towards the end of the night, our bachelorette party got the itch to dance, so we headed to a more “clubby” bar called Oasis  to “bust-a-move.” 

I was not a fan of Oasis at all. It wasn’t my scene (too loud, too crowded) and the rude bartenders made my experience even worse. But, of course, for the sake of the bride-to-be, I put on a happy face and partied-it-up with her. 

At Oasis, the bride played some games… 

And danced the night away! 8-)

And, in typical drunk girl fashion, we raided the fridge when we got home from the bars. I enjoyed a couple of brownies and some water before bed. 

All in all, it was a FABULOUS night!!! I seriously love bachelorette parties! There’s nothing better than a night out with the girls!

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