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Are You a Hectic, Super-Busy Woman? Enter Author Karen Quinn's "Wife in the Fast Lane One-Liner Contest" (Off Topic)

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:11pm

This is so off topic, but you'll see why I just had to post this...

Since I'm a journalist, I often get approached by PR firms or people who want me to write an article. From time to time, a story idea really catches my fancy. One recent pitch did just that.

If you're a hectic, fast-paced and super-busy woman, you may enjoy entering an off-beat, fun Wife in the Fast Lane Contest.

This contest basically is a very clever marketing gimmick -- I'm impressed! -- to promote the upcoming novel, Wife in the Fast Lane, from bestselling author Karen Quinn.

Art_wife_in_fast_lane_0743293967_01__ss5_1 Anyhow, if you're a time-strapped, hurried wife, you're invited to submit a sassy, clever one-liner, essay or video all about what your life in the fast lane is like. If you win, you could get one of dozens of prizes, including a $2,000 gift certificate to Canyon Ranch Spa and a 14K gold charm bracelet. (Nice!)

Enter the contest here. Your deadline is February 16, 2007.

Now here comes the fun part. You get to hear how some busy women have been describing their fast-lane lives. Here's what they say:

I knew I was living in the fast lane when:

* "My husband asked me what my favorite sexual fantasy was and I told him, `You making love to me without waking me up.'"

* "My three-year-old daughter insisted on calling her playroom her `office.'"

* "I was talking on the phone and forgot whom I was talking to and why we were talking."

* "I returned from one too many business trips and my three-year-old greeted me as `Aunt Mom.'"

* "I surprised my son by picking him up at school and his first question was, `Did my nanny die?'"

Read more funny quips and one-liners.

Karen Quinn's new book, Wife in the Fast Lane, will be published on March 13, 2007 by Simon &
Schuster. This newest novel is the follow-up to her national bestseller, The Ivy Chronicles (soon to be released as a major motion picture).

In Wife in the Fast Lane, Karen revisits the harried and often unintentionally hilarious world of the working woman extraordinaire who struggles to manage a career, husband, kids, school, business and more, all while keeping her sanity in check.

Publisher's Weekly called Wife in the Fast Lane"a delightful story" that's "good fun up to its happy ending!"

OK, I'm getting really inspired. Check back here for the upcoming..... drum roll, please.... SUGAR SHOCK! One-Liner Contest! Thanks, Karen, for the fabulous idea!

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