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Are we misled that orange juice is good for you?

Posted by hlieboff59

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It appears that you are asking about store-bought juice, not fresh squeezed orange juice.  The problem with pre-packaged, processed juice in the stores is that it is usually pasteurized (heated), which can destroy live plant enzymes.  Those enzymes are in the juice that goes straight from oranges to your mouth, but too much heat destroys them. 

The enzymes act as catalysts for the Vitamin C and other nutrients to be absorbed by the body.  Without them, the absoption rate of the vitamins and minerals is lower.  Therefore, if you want to get the most benefits from orange juice, then use fresh squeezed oranges and get your nutrients from whole foods, not isolated vitamins.

Once it's been cooked and had all the fibre taken out...........well it's not quite as bad as coffee or alcohol
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