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Are vegetables not as healthy as they seem due to their high amount of sugar?

Posted by Momma Risko

I've lost 10 pounds in the past three weeks by eating what the food pyramid reccommends and exercising more. As a result, I'm eating way more vegetables now than ever before and I was wondering about the nutrition data on certain ones that I eat a lot such as sweet green peppers, tomatoes, and carrots. According to, most vegetables that I looked up were high in vitamins and minerals and low in fats and sodium. But one thing that bothered me was that most of the calories from these veggies came from the sugars! Since when do vegetables have sugar? Please help.

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Our body requires the nutrients and little bitty sugars found in the whole food, vegetables.  They are always the healthiest choice of ALL foods to choose from!

Great observation!  The sugars in veggies are different from a table sugar.  They are digested much slower and have lots of vitamins and minerals.  To preserve these nutrients, DO NOT microwave food.  It denatures (destroys) most of the antioxidants and nutrients.

 As a Certified Nuritionist, I have a seamless, turnkey system that helps you chose in proportion and perfect combination high starch, low starch vegetables, clean lean protein, health fats and booster foods!  Not to mention, this maintains blood sugar, heals your metabolism and helps your body fight chronic disease.  

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Choosing to eat more vegetables is a great plan for keeping your weight down and staying healthy. The carbohydrates and sugars in veggies are complex. They don't spike blood sugar like a donut or chips. When you keep your blood sugar level, your body doesn't turn the excess into fat.

And veggies have so much nutrition. Did you know that in Japan, the favorite meal is a bowl of veggies like bell pepper, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots? It is no surprise that, generally speaking, the Japanese are thinner and healthier than Americans.

All of those veggies have lots of fiber. Some of the fiber is soluble and some of it is insoluble. Soluble fiber draws toxins out of the digestive tract and insoluble fiber moves the waste along and out of your body.

For the sake of balance, don't forget to eat green veggies like lettuce (choose green leaf or red lettuce, anything with a deep color rather than iceberg) and chard and baby spinach and any of the cabbage family. Make a baby spinach salad with tomatoes, pepper slices  and baby carrots. Use a tiny bit of walnut oil (olive is good, too) and red wine vinegar to season the salad.

You may want to steam (microwave) or lightly saute green veggies like broccoli (so they don't taste raw but are still crunchy) and serve with hummus (Trader Joes sells a terrific tasting all natural one that my son loves.) The trick is to eat mostly veggies rather than dip.

Just keep mixing different veggies together rather than eating all baby carrots or all tomatoes. That way you will get the max nutrition.

Hope this helps.


Congratulations on discovering the perfect diet to live a long, healthy life!  Don't worry about the sugar in vegetables.  Your brain needs the glucose and your body knows how to assimilate that kind of sugar.  It's very different from the refined sugars in processed foods.

If you really want to avoid consuming too many sugars from eating so many vegetables, try concentrated whole food formulas.  The body gets instant energy by absorbing these nutrients rather than wasting energy digesting large amounts of vegetables.

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