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Are “Bad” Choices Part of Healthy Living?

Posted Aug 03 2011 9:33am

Confession: Sometimes I choose not to be healthy.

Exhibit A:

IMG_0005 (500x375)

Last night, I ate a crap-ton of ice cream for dinner for no reason other than I wanted to. I didn’t feel like cooking dinner and ice cream just sounded like a tasty option.

As a healthy living blogger, eating ice cream for dinner probably doesn’t seem like the healthiest meal, but healthy living is all about choices, right? Ok, well, it’s more about making choices that are good for you, but sometimes making a “bad” choice is okay too.

To me, healthy living means making good choices as much as possible, but not all of the time. Sometimes, “good” choices can be “unhealthy” ones, such as sharing a plate of nachos with a friend, drinking a half bottle of champagne during a celebration, or skipping a Body Pump class to sleep in. I mean, doesn’t a truly healthy life include indulgences and leisure on occasion?

Nutritionally-speaking, an ice cream dinner probably didn’t do my body any favors, but this “bad” choice was good for my mind and soul. It was fun to eat and made me happy! It also didn’t hinder my healthy living efforts one bit. Indulging actually got the craving out of my system, so today my body wants healthy, nutritious foods. Weirdly, I guess that’s a bonus of eating an ice cream dinner!

Feel Great Weight

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Question of the Day

Are “bad” choices part of healthy living?

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