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Are 100-calorie Snack Packs a Good Idea?

Posted by Heather J.

Treats packaged as 100-calorie snack packs are food manufacturers' way of responding to the obesity epidemic and consumer demand. Popular crackers and cookies such as Oreo, Chips Ahoy, and Ritz are now available in smaller, 100-calorie portions, as well as snacks such as Pringles, Lays chips, Cheetos, Cadbury, and even Coca-cola. But even though they come in a smaller bag, they’re still terrible for you. There’s just less terrible to go around. They offer only empty calories, trans-fat-containing hydrogenated oil, and virtually no nutritional value. You’d be better off with a piece of fruit or handful of trail mix, but if you absolutely can’t stay away from these products, you’ll do better with a 100-calorie bag than a 100-serving, super-size bag.

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The 100-calorie products are not 100-calories after you have a few servings. Because the portion sizes are smaller and they are 'thin crisps' rather than full cookies, people may be tempted to eat a second bag. The calories add up quickly. As you suggested, snack on fruits and veggies.
I've fallen into this trap, unfortunately. It's just that sometimes I really crave chocolate chip cookies and oreos-perhaps the better idea is to have one real, true cookie every once in a while to satisfy a true craving. Plus, I've recently discovered the wonders of asparagus as a midday and evening snack. It's like 5 calories and so crunchy! And another good one....granny smith apples!
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