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Apricot Chicken

Posted Feb 08 2013 10:09am

…..One of my "Cast Iron Pot" style treats, eat a little now, eat a little later.

Anyone who knows my blog knows that I swear by the inner seed of the Apricot for cancer prevention , which contains B17, a nutrient abundant in cultures and races that had low cancer rates .

However, the apricot flesh has it's own awesome vibrancy, taste, and healthy energy, that healthy "vibration" and great taste can also be utilized in some "real food" recipes such as Apricot Chicken.

Apricot Chicken

*2 organic onions, sliced
*8-10 pasture free range chicken thighs, deboned, find pasture raised chickens near you at
this link
*4-6 ripe sweet organic apricots, cut in half, stone removed

*1 cup chicken stock, a good homemade recipe here
*2 heaped teaspoons organic whole fruit apricot jam (Whole Foods has a few decent brands)

*Coarse Ground Organic Black Pepper
*Pink Himalayan Salt to Taste
*Feel free to add other aromatics such as cinnamon(make sure it's
Ceylon Cinnamon ), ginger, chilli and saffron for a little change every now and then.

*Organic Olive Oil for Saute, read about fake olive oil .

Sauté the onion over a medium heat in a little organic olive oil until softened. Add the chicken and brown on both sides. This should take about 5 minutes. Pour in the stock and deglaze the pan, allowing all the caramelized pan juices to combine with the stock. Blend the fresh apricots into a puree.

You should have 1 cup of apricot puree. Add the apricot puree to the chicken and mix through. Simmer for about 2 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. Add the whole fruit apricot jam as well as a good grind of pepper then mix through. Taste your sauce and adjust where necessary to your palate – adding a touch more stock or jam if necessary. Your apricot sauce should be lovely thick, tasty and glossy.

Can also try it as a slow cooked, cast iron pot, or crock pot style meal.

recipe inspired by, and photograph from TheHealthyChef.


The Healthy Chef's Corner

"The Healthy Chef's"  Deliciously Healthy  Food Tidbits:

Apricots are packed with nutrients which are known to assist in youthful skin and eye health.

Compared to conventional and commercially raised chickens, pasture raised chickens have many health benefits read more here .

Pink Himalayan Salt is totally different from table salt in that it contains 84 minerals in perfect balance.

Onions are gaining increasing attention as fighters of prostate and other cancers, and are a good example of a veggie that retains a decent array of nutrients after cooking.




click on the photo below or click here to see
all my recipes in
"The Healthy Chef's Corner"


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