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Apples are Coming!

Posted by Kenna M.

Local apples are coming! I am very excited about apple season, heading to the hills at harvest time, the fresh apple smells and warm autumn afternoons followed by scarlet and golden orange evenings. Which apple do like the best? Gala? Fuji? Red Delicious? Golden? How do you like to eat or prepare you apple? Right off the tree? As a desert? Sliced?
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Yay for apples!. I love fuji apples--their distinct aroma and the way they make my taste buds water. (Green apples are too sour for me, while red apples are too grainy.) I'm usually too impatient to slice 'em up, so it's straight off the tree for me, baby. :)
An Apple a Day. I like apples any way I can get them. Gala apples are my family's favorite. We eat them raw or sliced with peanut butter on them. We to use Granny Smith for apple pie, and Arkansas Black for fresh apple cake with black walnuts. Baked apples and cinnamon and low sugar apple jelly are great as well.
snack. a good golden delicious apple with some peanut butter is such a great late afternoon snack!
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