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Anyone know any EASY, healthy recipes?

Posted by Sara C.

Learning to cook and want to cook healthy food...
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WH Foods. Sara, This is a great source of easy, healthy recipes. You can search by specific food item or browse through hundreds of 10, 15 and 30-minute meals. My favorite is the 15 minute Maui style Snapper- Hope that helps!
Vegetable Soup. See my recipe post in Healthy Cooking for Veggie Soup. It's super easy, but it is time consuming. I suggest making a huge batch and freezing it. It's super healthy, comforting, and tasty. Some people don't like soup in the summer, but that's exactly when we need it!
Salads. Especially during the summer, fresh green salads are healthy, refreshing and delicious. I'm a huge fan of hot/cold salads--nice cold greens and veggies topped with grilled chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, pepper, onions, get creative!
I'm a big fan of grilled foods, especially in cold weather. Grilled chicken, grilled fish, grilled's all very simple and not very time-consuming at all. Add your favorite seasonings and marinade and you have a quick, healthy, easy meal!
The best thing I ever had in my kitchen is my hand immersion blender. I didn't even buy it, my husband did! I figured, I had a blender, that was enough. This hand immersion thing makes the EASIEST soups right in the pot, no clean up! We take cans of tomatoes, two or three rosemary leaves, a cup of half and half, plus water and sea salt to make a GREAT soup! SO easy! Sometimes, I have to admit that I add sugar, to perk up the flavor of the tomatoes.
I found a very healthy recipe, it's a great salad but contains very vitaminful vegetables and fruits here you can check it out:
Sotomayor Soup-Healthy food in honor of Judge Sotomayor

This healthy food is in honor of Supreme Court nominee, Judge Sotomayor.  It’s based on a traditional Puerto Rican soup typically made with pork.  This vegan recipe calls for green plantains molded into shapes resembling meatballs.  The other main ingredient is gandules, a favorite of Sotomayor.

On May 28, 2009, the Washington Monthly web site featured this post, ‘THE LIMITS OF SCRUTINY (By Steve Benen)…Sotomayor also claimed: “For me, a very special part of my being Latina is the mucho platos de arroz, gandules y pernir -- rice, beans and pork -- that I have eaten at countless family holidays and special events."

After President Barack Obama announced Sotomayor’s nomination, more than one Republican commented on her fondness for gandules.  Gandules, or pigeon peas, are a staple in several Puerto Rican dishes as are green plantains.  This soup is healthy food, full of fiber, and flavorful without the use of animal products.  

Sopa de Platanos Verde con Gandules (Plantain soup with green plantains and pigeon peas)


    * 1lb.gandules (fresh or frozen or canned)
    * 2Qts water
    * 2t sp sea salt
    * 4 cloves of chopped garlic
    * (If using canned you can skip to making the sauce. Otherwise, use the water from  the can and add 1 ½ quarts of water.)
    * Fresh or frozen-rinse and cook in 2qts of water for about 45 minutes, or until the peas are tender.


    * 1 green pepper chopped
    * ½ onion chopped
    * 2 cloves chopped garlic
    * 1 Tablespoon capers
    * ½ C green stuffed olives
    * 8oz canned tomato sauce
    * 2 Tablespoons of olive oil
    * 1 Qt vegetable broth
    * 2-3 large very green plantains (peel and cut into pieces)
    * 1tsp sea salt
    * 1/3 Cup water or rice milk

Sautee peppers, onions, capers, and olives in olive oil for 5 minutes, place in large soup pot, add broth, then heat to simmer.  Add cooked gandules. Cut off the ends of the plantains and score the skin with a sharp knife. This makes it easier to remove the peels. Place plantain pieces in a food processor, add sea salt, and slowly add water to make a soft mixture. Form mixture into round balls, a little smaller than golf ball size. Drop the balls into the heated soup.  Simmer for 30-40 minutes.

Makes 6-8 servings
Cool cucumber salad

This cucumber salad recipe is healthy food that fits in any potluck, picnic or backyard barbecue.  You can eat it as a salad or use it as sauce for fish tacos.   Add a little wasabi and try it as a side dish for grilled ahi tuna or sushi.  Any way you slice it, this is one cool health food dish that’s perfect for a hot summer day.  Plus, it’s easy to make, even for someone who can’t cook.

Cool Cucumber Salad Recipe:

Cucumber – 1 large, peeled and finely chopped
Red onion – ¼ cup, finely chopped
Celery – ½ cup, finely chopped
Dill – ½ tsp
Onion powder – ¼ tsp
Rice milk – 1 tbsp
Veganaise – 1/3 cup
Rice Vinegar – 1 tbsp
Liquid Stevia Sweetener – 1 Squirt

·    Chop the veggies and set them aside in a bowl with the onion powder.  
·    Combine Veganaise, rice vinegar, liquid stevia, dill, and rice milk in a separate bowl, then whisk briskly.
·    Pour the veggies into the bowl of liquid and stir thoroughly.

*If you plan to use the cool cucumber salad as a sauce for fish tacos, then add some chopped jalapeno for a spicy health food condiment.

Hi Sara- I have a healthy recipe website and update it with new recipes 4 times a week.  You can ask me for any recipe you want and I'll design something just for you, for your taste, preferences and cooking skills and time.   There's no cost to you, I do this for fun!

Check it out at:     Nini's Easy Recipes  

You should try this fresh green bean recipe. I tried it and its flavor is amazing. The writer adds green-beans, potatoes, tarragon, mushrooms and a few other healthy items.

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