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Anti-aging with Whole Foods and the Philosophy of Regeneration

Posted Aug 10 2012 11:57am

Anti-aging experts say now is the time for health conscious people to consume more whole foods and embrace the Philosophy of Regeneration™Regeneration is the opposite of degeneration, which is happening to most people as they get older.  However, this does not need to be the case.

Regenerating the Body With Whole Foods

Human bodies regenerate millions of new cells every day.  Unfortunately, in many cases, those new cells are being created with inferior nutrients. Instead, when concentrated whole foods are in the equation, the body has better resources to create healthier new cells.  This leads to positive regeneration of organs, muscles, and tissues throughout the entire body. This is vital for real anti-aging effects that can be seen and experienced firsthand.

The Philosophy of Regeneration™ is made up of three components to a healthy diet.  The first is, nourishing and cleansing daily.  This is a concept based on ancient Chinese theories of Yin (nourishing) and Yang (cleansing), in and out, flexing and relaxing, inhaling and exhaling, eating and eliminating. These opposing functions are essential for sustaining life and health.

The second element of the Philosophy of Regeneration™ is to consume foods, not chemicals.  Human bodies need whole foods, not synthetic ingredients made with isolated vitamins or protein powders from chemical concoctions.  Isolated vitamins and man-made nutrients cause the body to function differently than it does when the diet is made up primarily of whole foods.

The third component of the Philosophy of Regeneration™ is variety.  The body has a variety of cells, tissues and organs.  It needs a variety of foods to help various bodily functions perform.  A wide assortment of whole foods will provide the combinations of nutrients necessary for peak performance.

By adhering to the  Philosophy of Regeneration™, the body comes into perfect balance where everything functions properly.  Disease and illness become distant memories and the body has the tools it needs to repair and regenerate healthier new parts.  Focusing on a variety of whole foods and cleansing health drinks over chemically enhanced products will allow the body to overcome the challenges of day to day life.

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